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Student Services


Our Student Services Team consists of personnel who work together with students, parents, staff and outside agencies to build individualised support programs that promote healthy, happy and productive lives through learning.  Our onsite team consists of a Head of Special Education Services, Support Teachers and Teacher Aides, a Guidance Officer, a Chaplain and a STLaN Teacher.  Our school vision is to work together to ensure that every day in every classroom every student is learning and achieving.  A Student Services Committee operates to ensure appropriate intervention is explored and provided for all students where needed. 

Students with Disabilities 

Case Managers are assigned to all students who are identified/verified with a disability.  The six areas of disability recognised within Education Queensland settings are – Intellectual Disability (ID), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Speech Language Impairment (SLI), Physical Impairment (PI), Vision Impairment (VI) and Hearing Impairment (HI).  Teams work together to develop an Individual Plan (IP) that identifies all areas of need within the school setting. Students are supported within our school according to individual needs.

Students with Diverse Learning Needs  

Students with diverse learning needs who require adjustments to their learning are supported by an identified team.  The curriculum is adjusted to meet the needs of each child through the development of a Provisional Program or an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP).  These plans focus on Curriculum, Learning, Behaviour, Health and Wellbeing.  

Students with identified health needs are also supported by an identified team and trained by an Education Queensland School Nurse.  Health Plans are written by identified health professionals which are implemented within the school environment.

Visiting Specialist Staff  

A Speech Language Pathologist visits weekly and students from Prep to Year 6 are prioritised according to needs. Students are referred to this service through the Student Service Meeting. 

Advisory Visiting Teachers (AVT), Physiotherapists (PT) and Occupational Therapists (OT) visit regularly and provide support for our eligible students.

A school nurse is available to join individual teams on request to support and assist students with health needs.